Americana UK Reviews Kenny's London show at The Bedford

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"What a great space the Bedford is for a singer songwriter to perform in, shaped as it is “in the round” like the Shakespearean Globe... Kenny Foster treated a quietly enthusiastic audience to an acoustic selection of eight of his songs, seven of them drawn from his recently released debut album Deep Cuts.
Wearing a ripped at the neckline Led Zeppelin 1977 t-shirt and a kick-ass country couture hat over his long blond hair, the man engaged the audience with fervour."

Deep Cuts Album Review: Your Life in a Song

YLIAS - Deep Cuts Album Review
"‘Deep Cuts’ is a powerful statement of intent. Part album, part treatise on the human condition, part self-help manual and 13 years in the making. Kenny Foster should be immensely proud of what he has achieved, with little help, backing or support from the genre or the industry. Sometimes albums come along that are bigger than the genre they are positioned in and ‘Deep Cuts’ is one of those for me..."