Deep Cuts from Kenny Foster

Deep Cuts from Kenny Foster

Recorded at Sputnik Sound in Nashville, TN

Produced by Mitch Dane

Mastered by Vance Powell

Released 4/17/2017


While Kenny Foster isn’t exactly ‘new’ to country music, the momentum behind the unmistakable balladeer’s impending 2017 release ‘Deep Cuts’ has a host of new fans flocking to the raw grit and brutal honesty of Foster‘s remarkably mature, thoughtful, and unapologetic songwriting.  Lush with real instruments, astute observations, and the deconstruction of one man’s head and heart, Foster has built a monument to the American experience that seeks to universalize the specific, and embody the very specific ways that we are all very much the same. While the pop-laden sounds of country radio have been trending away from the genre’s organic roots in recent times, Foster makes a case for preserving the foundations of country music while still allowing it the chance to comment on and even pine over the ever-evolving landscape. Authentic. Accessible. This timeless collection of songs will echo through the annuls of the story that birthed a great American tradition, and gave words to a nation seeking to reflect its own identity. A welcomed ‘new’ voice may just have us longing for our past and, at the same time, looking ahead at how we will preserve what has always been good, and right, and true.