No man is an island...

They say no man is an island, but for 15 years I've sure as hell felt like one.

There's an old saying about the ocean: Water, water, everywhere but not a drop to drink.

I've been inside and out of this industry. I've been in every pee-on job you can imagine at some of the business' most notable events, venues, and companies. It's weird to be right next to some of music's biggest names and yet still feeling/hoping/praying that, somehow, you'll be peers one day.


So what do you do?


You keep a low profile. You don't say too much. You listen. Because the face will be familiar but they won't know where from. That's your greatest asset. Keep calm, carry on, and when it's time to step up to the mic for your moment, you'll be rehearsed; you'll be ready. And for a reason they can't even put their finger on, they'll feel like they already know you. And they will... but not like this.


This is something altogether different. 


So until that fateful day you have to play it cool, you have to be good, and damnit babies, you have to be kind.